16 October, 2005

What's Your Style? - Centre for Youth Literature

Before I remembered (duh!) that it's smack in the middle of Jack's HSC exams, I committed to the following part of the program for the State Library of Victoria's Centre for Youth Literature:
What's Your Style? 25-26 October, 2005

There will be three Booktalkers for Teenagers sessions and one Booktalkers for an adult audience. What's Your Style? aims to illustrate the diversity of writing and reading available for teenagers. It is an opportunity to explore your style, to let people know about the kind of writing you are passionate about. What kinds of stories do you find yourself drawn to? Is it important to write in a certain style or genre? Do you ever fear being pigeon-holed? Do you read styles of work that you don't write? Your presentation of 15 minutes could explore any or all (or none!) of these points.

That's from the letter Mike Shuttleworth sent me. This is what the program says:
When there is a whole world of reading out there, why limit yourself to just one kind of book? Four writers marking four distinct points on the literary compass, talking it up for gritty realism, speculative writing, non-fiction and spoken word poetry. each one offers something unique - what's your style? Phillip Gwynne, Margo Lanagan, John Nicholson and alicia sometimes take you on a brief tour of the four corners of writing.

So this is where the four events will be:

Tuesday, 25 October:
Booktalkers for Teenagers, Robert Blackwood Hall, Monash University, Clayton, 10am-12 noon
Booktalkers for Adults, Vision Australia, Kooyong, 6.30-9pm

Wednesday, 26 October:
Booktalkers for Teenagers, State Library of Victoria


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