29 December, 2005

Four Things meme

Being at a loss to find content (or decide among lots of possibilities for content), here goes:

Four jobs you've had in your life:

1. Kitchenhand
2. Encyclopedia seller
3. Clerk
4. Technical Writer

Four movies you could watch over and over (Geez, that's a lot. I don't think I could watch any movie over and - Shut up, Margo, and type!):

1. East of Eden?
2. Habla con Ella?
3. Nightwatch?
4. Spirited Away?


Four places you've lived:

1. Raymond Terrace, New South Wales
2. Rosanna, Victoria
3. Perth, Western Australia
4. Paris, France

Four TV shows you love to watch (love to watch? TV shows? Love? - Margo, you pick up a meme, you've got to run with it. The whole thing. *straining noise*):

1. Global Village
2. We Could Be Heroes
3. Anything involving bloopers
4. Coverage of the Tour de France

Four places you've been on holiday:

1. Rockley for my 45th birthday weekend this year. (Thank you, Steven!)
2. Lynne and John's mango farm on the Hogarth Range, NSW
3. Cobar/White Cliffs/Broken Hill, NSW
4. O.S., in my youth

Four websites you visit daily. (Just look over on the right for those.):

Four of your favorite foods:

1. Roast potatoes with rosemary and garlic
2. Any kind of Asian dumpling
3. Mangoes with lime syrup (esp. on Christmas Day)
4. Pretty much any kind of risotto

Four places you'd rather be:

1. In the bank, banking the cheque that meant I'd finished my novel to everyone's satisfaction, including my own.
2. In the country somewhere, breathing some clean air.
3. Somewhere, almost anywhere, overseas.
4. Up in my writing room, powering along unable to stop writing the novel.


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