11 July, 2006

Booktrust review/interview

A review of Black Juice and an interview I gave via email with James Smith, the website editor at Booktrust in London, are now up on the Booktrust website.

James's blog is over here (he heard George Saunders interviewed, live in London! *goes green*), and he also edits this juicy website about short stories.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Margo, Delwyne here. Hope this blog will go through - last time I blogged on I seemed to end up making my own blog by following the promps, which was nice but all I wanted was to say 'hi'. My fault for being computer illiterate. I am the 'Delwyne' in Bi Bates' Buzz Words article - my name is kind of unusual, so people tend to notice if they see it pop up twice. Must be lovely for you to have Black Juice out three times in three different countries in three years. Magnificent and congratulations. Delwyne

12 July, 2006 00:41  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Hi Delwyne, and welcome! Thanks for jumping through Blogger's hoops to add your comment. And yes, it's been wonderful to watch BLACK JUICE's success, if a bit self-conscious-making!

13 July, 2006 08:29  

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