04 July, 2006

Continuum 4 approaches

It's on in Melbourne on 4-6 August. Find out all about it here. I'm lined up to do the following:

  • The Great Debate

  • a panel on guilty pleasures ('books and shows we love but won't tell our friends about') - this kind of assumes none of our friends will be in the audience, which I hope won't be the case. *looks meaningfully at friends*

  • a panel on young adult literature

  • a Guest of Honour speech

  • a ten-minute reading in the All Star Reading Slam

  • a panel on writing and the art of money

  • a workshop on writing short fiction

  • All Star Blankety Blanks (one Noelene Brown impersonation coming up)


Blogger Jonathan said...

You do a Noelene Brown impersonation? Wish I could be there for that, but LA calls.

04 July, 2006 23:27  

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