17 April, 2007

Indian attention

Here is a lovely review of Black Juice in The Hindu. I particularly like:
It is evident that Margo Lanagan has sponged in a great deal not just about the magicks, stories, spells and geographies of Australia, but also about the witchery of words and the landscapes of word-making for she treks through language with a sure compass, a strong pair of well-clad feet and an ungiving rope.
And this is pretty spot-on, too:
Lanagan's stories are like earlier-time stories, when all stories were one story, and if you travelled in them, you never knew where you were going, or how: you could, suddenly, fall through a hole in the earth to a world down below or turn a corner and enter an enchanted field, you could be taken to see real men and women at work or you could be called upon to work magic yourself. And it is this sort of world that Margo Lanagan's stories inhabit.
Also, the way the review just ends mid-sentence is refreshing.


Blogger Misrule said...

What a gorgeously written review, Margo! How thrilling!

18 April, 2007 12:23  
Blogger Front Deck Text said...

Margo, I am interested in talking to you about one of the stories in this collection: My Lord's Man. I am writing a book about reworkings of traditional ballads for young adult readers and specifically about Child #200 at this point in time. Since your story is one of the reasons for me to look at this ballad amongst the others I am writing about, I would appreciate being able to tell my readers a little more about your reasons (if that is the the correct word) for reworking this ballad.

Yours in stories,
Gail de Vos
Author and Storyteller

15 July, 2007 01:58  

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