17 April, 2007

The Novel...

...which shall remain nameless, just in case it should turn into a different novel, is now a complete first draft, about 90,000 words long (yes, it has tripled in size since it was workshopped at ROR, although I haven't yet implemented all the ROR suggestions—except, of course, for the this-novel-needs-to-be-longer one), which I've begun revising. It has twelve chapters, and I'm working on a chapter every day, fixing weak points and filling in holes and noting things I have to work out or make decisions about—details about tools and food and burial customs and stuff.

Keep your fingers crossed for me.


Blogger Jonathan Shaw said...

Fingers crossed, but would success as a novelist mean we'd lose a short-story genius?

17 April, 2007 20:17  
Blogger Unknown said...

Is this Little Peach? My fingers are definitely crossed!

25 April, 2007 11:12  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Ooh, the world is full of Jonathans sending well-wishes! Sorry not to answer this before, but Blogger has decided not to forward comments to my email address any more. And I thought I was just speaking to a cold empty world.

Jonathan 1: Nah, I'm fully addicted now to short stories. The fact that you can draft one in a day or two is just irresistible! Plus, now that I've trained myself to get ideas, I get too many, and short stories are good places to use them up. No, success as a novelist would just make me happy; it would have no unpleasant repercussions at all!

Jonathan 2: No, Little Peach fell out of its tree and is lying rotting on a shelf in my Writing Room. This is a whole new one, conceived and begun last year.

04 May, 2007 16:37  

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