22 June, 2007

Jonathan's Eclipse anthology

Look at us all over here, in Jonathan Strahan's upcoming anthology for Night Shade. He says:
The idea behind the series is simple: each year produce a showcase volume of great new science fiction and fantasy stories. That’s it. No agenda, no theme: just great stories.
And these are the great stories he's got so far:
'The Last and Only, or Mr Moscowitz Becomes French' by Peter S Beagle
'Unique Chicken Goes in Reverse' by Andy Duncan
'The Lost Boy: A Reporter At Large' by Maureen McHugh
'The Transformation of Targ' by Jack Dann and Paul Brandon
'The Drowned Life' by Jeffrey Ford
'Mr’s Zeno’s Paradox' by Ellen Klages
'In The Forest Of The Queen' by Gwyneth Jones
'Toother' by Terry Dowling
'Electric Rains' by Kathleen Ann Goonan
'She-Creatures' by Margo Lanagan
'Quartermaster Returns' by Ysabeau Wilce
'Larissa Miusov' by Lucius Shepard
Quite a box of chocolates, eh. And here is a snippet from 'She-Creatures':
First, just as in the Holy Book—although God knows there was nothing else holy about it—first, there was light. It grew unnatural, very weak at first, grey and cold and seemingly sourceless among the trees up ahead. Dass and Bertoldo moved against it, and then they stilled like shapes cut out of black paper, all frozen elbows and knees, and then they skittered off to one side and crouched, just cut-out heads poking out of a cut-out tree.

And then—it was as if someone put a tap to a hole in the top of my head, and ran some kind of cold syrup through me—four figures stepped from four different directions into that part of the road. And I suppose it came from their throats, but the music—the four different notes of it, holding on and on without taking any new breaths, and making, if a harmony, so foreign a notion of harmony to my ears that my teeth clenched and creaked on one another to hear it and my mouth watered—the music seemed as sourceless as the light.
Everything is dark forests and witches with me at the moment.


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