25 July, 2007


I had a day off in Canberra with Steven yesterday, looking at art and trying to find a decent scone (a rather nice muffin at Cafe In The House was the closest we got).

This morning I've been as responsible as I could be, revising 5 pages before breakfast. However, it's all Harry-chauffeuring today, to the orthodontist this morning and then to get a referral and a wrist X-ray this afternoon. What is it with my sons and their wrists?

Anyway, I will take a tender morsel or two around with me in case I get any time in the waiting rooms.


Blogger Front Deck Text said...

Hello Margo,

I am sorry to bother you but I do need to contact you regarding a letter of permission for including a quote from you for my book on reworking of ballads. While I have your quote and the date you sent it (July 18, 2007), I can not locate your email itself. Please drop me a line at gail.devos@gmail.com at your earliest convenience.

Thanks, Gail

17 June, 2008 02:09  

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