18 September, 2007

SF Signal review of Red Spikes

Over here:
PROS: Interesting premises; touches on numerous emotions and feelings.
CONS: Odd language used at times, which slowed reading; some stories simply not that engaging.
BOTTOM LINE: Red Spikes offers a variety of themes that should appeal to fans of fantasy.
The reviewer, John DeNardo, confesses to be still trying to find 'which ingredients make a fantasy story that suits my palate', being basically a classic science fiction fan. So the collection only gets three stars, as you might expect from a book with bugger-all science fiction in it.

He reckons, 'There was one standout story ("A Good Heart") and a few that never made it past the mediocre range.' This seems to be quite a common reaction, but the standout story is always a different one; the 'just bizarre' story is always a different one; the one that is 'trying to shock' is always a different one; the 'one that put me to sleep' is always a different one. I tell you, you'd go mad trying to please everyone.


Blogger Amy Fiske said...

Which is why you only need to please yourself...and get published, of course.

: )

21 September, 2007 02:26  

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