15 October, 2007

Jeremy Caniglia talks about the US Red Spikes cover

Which makes me realise how little conversation with cover designers I've had. I've hardly ever heard about the creation of a cover for one of my books in this much detail. That's a bit sad, but I guess it stops mad authors calling designers at 3 a.m. with 'inspirations' for their covers—or worse, ringing them up to blame them for the crap sales:
'People always ask why a majority of my work centers on birth, love and death. I guess the answer would be it helps me understand the impermanence of life on this planet.

'I have always felt that by bringing ego and materialism into perspective we will find wisdom lying within those willing to listen. Our gift for generations to come can be realized through the seed of hope we plant in our children.

I have always found hidden hope in art, music and books. They are all doorways to very special worlds if we open our minds. I really feel Red Spikes by Margo Lanagan is one of those collections that takes us on a journey in which we find love and hope in the darkest of worlds. It was such a challenge and great experience to create the cover for Red Spikes. I tried to create a cover that was elegant, haunting and beautiful all in one cover. This was my first cover in the Young Adult Reader section. I have mostly created covers and illustrations for Adult Fantasy and Horror. So it was great to finally have a chance to break new ground.'


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