12 October, 2007

Popping in for a quick skite

Apparently, 'A Fine Magic' (Eidolon I) and 'A Good Heart' (Red Spikes) made Gardner Dozois' Year's Best's Honourable Mentions list.

Gwenda Bond says Click is not the train wreck you might expect of a novel with 10 authors, and people have been asking about it at the Little Shop of Stories in Atlanta.

Paul Burman says Red Spikes is 'seriously weird in the best kind of way' and great holiday reading, for anyone who might be heading off on a holiday soon. Gavin Grant is also nice about it, saying '... this slim collection will be a prized possession long after other epic fantasies have been forgotten'. And Colleen Mondor reckons it's 'good for a shiver or two and should impress and delight equally'.

What's more, New Yorkers will be able to get signed copies in a week or so - eep!


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