30 May, 2008

Tender Morsels proofs are go!

I had my first adventure with FedEx today—arranging pickup, not receiving. I had to get the FedEx man to do quite a bit of explaining and directing. FedEx, redesign your forms! So that they can be easily completed on top of a brick gatepost, by someone who needs +1.25 glasses but isn't wearing them, without her having to stand on a milkcrate to see the field names.

I also posted off my Literature Board Fellowship Acquittal Report, months late but complete, and the financial part signed and sealed by an accountant. And I did some invoicing. And I prepared for next week's tech. writing work (from home).

So I got to see something of the beautiful autumn day outside, but not a lot.

I've got the first review for Tender Morsels in my hot little email Inbox. But I may not quote a word of it, until July. All I can say is, it's a good one. Which means that a lot of the on-tenterhooks feeling has just...evaporated. Phew.


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