16 July, 2008


I picked up the July Locus this week. Apart from the Gary K. Wolfe review of Tender Morsels,—which I forgot to mention said that in my short stories 'the fantasy elements and language seem distilled to the smoky intensity of fine Armagnac'—there were a few words from the I-hope-now-thriving Charles N. Brown about the novel,
which really got me thinking about YA fiction since it opens with a sex scene then segues into incest, abortion, more incest, messy childbirth, attempted infanticide and suicide—and that's just the first chapter!
And then, and then? There was a review of Jack Dann's Dreaming Again:
More disturbing [than John Birmingham's story] is 'The Fifth Star in the Southern Cross' by the ever-trenchant Margo Lanagan, set in a near future when few babies are born without deformities, and a father must love his unexpected offspring, a task at which he will certainly fail.
Yes, I'd be very surprised if Jonah gets to see his daughter, let alone learns to love her.


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