12 July, 2008

Tender Morsels Australian cover—drool...

Now I can show you Allen & Unwin's fantastic cover for the novel (note to self: find out name of illustrator). It's darker and more ambiguous than the US cover, because it's coming out as an adult book here.

It also includes a blurb from the now-published review by Gary K. Wolfe in Locus—I'm childishly happy that there are two wolves on this cover. His review tells a lot of the story, so I won't reproduce it in full, but I should mention that there are comparisons to Thomas Hardy, George Eliot and D. H. Lawrence, and that it finishes like this:
By its second half, Tender Morsels begins to take on a density and moral complexity almost suggestive of a George Eliot novel, with its decades-long narrative arc, its shifting relationships, its questions involving responsibility, misdirected love, and the nature of families. Or maybe it's simply a more expansive exploration of the kinds of worlds we've glimpsed in condensed form in some of Lanagan's stories - it's certainly more leisurely in its development, and more accessible in its prose (those who find Lanagan's characteristic neologisms and swaggy narrative voices a challenge may view this with some relief, though she's still one of the few authors who could get away with a line like "she cackled ivorily"). Either way, it's a brilliant realization of a brilliant promise, and a profoundly moving tale.
**smiles modestly**


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That cover is GORGEOUS. I am in deep deep envy.

Justine L

19 July, 2008 04:22  

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