25 July, 2008

What Gary K Wolfe said.

Locus have put Gary Wolfe's review of Tender Morsels up online, if you want quite a lot of the plot (I can't decide whether it's exactly spoiler-ish) and to get some indication of what the Truesdales of the world will be knotting their knickers about in 3 months' time.

Speaking of which, just checking to see whether Gooselgate had completely finished (and it has, being overtaken by the Sanders kerfuffle), I found this comment over at Ben Payne's blog, by, not surprisingly, Anonymous:
Of course ['The Goosle'] would attract teens and kiddies. If you make your name in this genre then your name is your bond - eg Enid Blyton. I'm drawing Garretts attention to this poison. I certainly hope my taxpaying money isn't going into this relativistic slime.
Peter Garrett is our federal Minister for Environment, Heritage and the Arts, and yes, during his predecessor's term, the Literature Board of the Australia Council for the Arts did use Anonymous's taxes (and my own) to help fund the writing of 'The Goosle', I'm happy to say. Anyone who calls children 'kiddies' deserves to have their taxes used in the way that most annoys them. :) No, I'm not even going to mention punctuation.


Blogger Ben Payne said...

Do let us know if Peter Garrett enjoys your story :-)

25 July, 2008 18:52  
Blogger houseinrlyeh aka Denis said...

And please inform us how we can become (write?) "relativistic slime", too. Sounds like fun.

25 July, 2008 21:23  
Blogger Jonathan Strahan said...

I'm inordinately pleased to hear that my taxes helped support the writing of "The Goosle". It's not Blue Poles, but it's a good thing.

26 July, 2008 08:56  
Blogger Helen V. said...

Thank goodness my taxes do fund writers and other creative artists of all kinds. It's a pity there isn't more funding for the arts in my opinion.

26 July, 2008 13:27  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

No word from the top yet, Ben - any day now, I'm sure.

houseinrlyeh: It IS fun, writing relativistic slime - but messy. It helps if you've got an outdoor writing area.

Jonathan: I'm buying up the paint to have a go at a Blue Poles for you. And thanks for the taxes. They made a big difference.

Hi Helen: If Pete only made grants tax-free (like gambling winnings), that would make a big difference. But that may just be Monday morning talking...

28 July, 2008 06:07  

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