02 October, 2008

Another sweep at the web

Jeff has finished Tender Morsels and asked me about it. What I told him as been divided between Clarkesworld and Omnivoracious. He still maintains it's brilliant—phew! He's also revived the tantalising beer-book pairing (doesn't he know I'm trying to give up the grog?), and says:
Her latest novel, Tender Morsels (Knopf, October), is a tour de force of sustained narrative, weaving folktale with brutal reality...a rich, original story that sometimes cloaks itself in the familiar but is at its heart deeply strange in the best possible way...recalls such masters as Angela Carter and Rikki Ducornet, while being intensely Lanagan's own.
And along with the Old:
...it's brilliantly written, full of fascinating characters, dangerous, moving...anyone who can describe food and drink this wonderfully has my attention as a fiction writer.
Don't miss out—urp.

And then, and then, an Allen & Unwin blog called Alien Onion has been born, and I made the second-ever post. And they're going to talk about my book at their inhouse book group! So they're not sick of reading it yet, eh.

And-and-and, Jack's Dreaming Again anthology is being launched at Conflux this Friday night (d'oh! I'll miss it!), and you need a copy, as soon as you can get your hands on one.


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