26 October, 2008

Two nice TM reviews, and a cringe

Lili, over at the thinkings of a lili, thinks the following:
Tender Morsels sucked me in from the opening sentence, and kept me held tight until it rather cruelly spat me out at the end. It is gripping and sad and beautiful. The language is breathtakingly stunning. The characters are real and wonderful. It takes old and tired elements of fantasy—magic, medieval villages, wolves, bears—and reinvents them, new, glittering, fascinating.
And Kate Eltham, at ABC North Queensland, has picked the book as one of her week's picks, and says it's:
Not for the squeamish. This books is full of terrible things, but is also beautiful and fearless and highly emotional.
Meanwhile, a bloke called Rafferty in the New York Times is condescending in so many ways about horror writers who happen to be women, I don't quite know where to look. Right in his eye, perhaps, without blinking, for a while.


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