02 October, 2008

(Not) our house, in the middle of our street

But almost exactly opposite us, yesterday. It started out early, but after six hours, it sorted itself out I followed it all via regular bulletins from the home front, where Steven and Harry were 'locked down', the street outside aswarm with SWAT teams and police dogs.

I got home about 15 minutes after they went in and brought the man out. Everything was still in place, although they'd taken him away; an armoured vehicle that, backlit, looked remarkably like an army tank was parked in front of my house. I had to get home via the gate in the back fence through to Paul and Christine's place. I bet they never envisaged the Siege of Lewisham when they installed that.

Funnily enough, no commuters parked in or near our street today. Steven says it was very peaceful.


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