30 November, 2008

This week in Google Alerts

Red Spikes doesn't need more demons, I'm happy to say. Phew. I was worried. :)

Adam-Troy Castro over at Scifi.com is generally accepting of Tender Morsels, but:
I grew impatient with some of the narrative's "near-English," which included formulations like "babby" for baby, "leddy" for lady and "littlee-man" for dwarf; "littlee," in particular, sunk a thorn into my literary annoyance bone and festered there until I was ready to make violent noises every time I saw it. Your mileage, as always, may vary."
He gets back at me by referring to Urdda as Urrrda throughout. I was pleased that he 'was particularly fond of Collaby, the bewhiskered dwarf ... there's something perversely endearing in his awfulness.' There is, too. I can vouch for it.

Alisa likes 'The Goosle' ('twisted ... horrible and nasty and foul. And gripping') but thinks 'Fifth Star' is 'not one of the strongest from Lanagan this year'.

Melanie Saward, over here, likes Tender Morsels a lot:
The only downside to reading a book with such a beautiful world, is that in loving the characters as though they were real and getting lost in the words, you’ll almost certainly be left wanting more. This is a big book, but it could have easily been bigger [Has she seen what 400 pages look like in manuscript?]. ... Be warned: Once you start Tender Morsels, you are going to want to devour every single page; putting it down is going to be a problem.
And TM's SLJ Best Bookness is online now—'A complex and multilayered fantasy spun by a superlative storyteller.'

Not a bad week, I have to say.

I went for a bike ride today. I could feel my brain cleaning itself out. I should do that more often.


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