08 November, 2008

Towering Morsels!

Van Ikin, in my local paper, the Sydney Morning Herald makes my weekend by calling Tender Morsels 'a towering work of imagination in which a supremely talented writer opens rich new frontiers.'

And look! Amanda Upton drew me a picture!


Blogger Kate Rampe said...

Hello Margo, congratulations on your book and all your great reviews! I was just wondering though: in the SMH the reviewer seems to get a number of things wrong about the plot - Liga doesn't kill her father; baby Branza is not dashed on the rocks; the membrane between the worlds is not really thinned by anything the girls do; and he seems to be mixing up Ramstrong and Teasel Wurledge. I guess reviewers have a lot to read in a short time, but these aren't exactly small points. Does it bother you at all when reviewers get things wrong like this?


09 November, 2008 20:35  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Hi Kate. In a newspaper review I'd say two minor slip-ups were forgivable. Four fairly significant ones is getting a bit steep.

In a way it's kind of good because at least he's not spoiling the real story, eh! But he is misrepresenting it, which a reviewer oughtn't to do.

And yes, as the author it annoys me when people don't take the time to read what I took all that trouble to get right.

At least it's all praise. When people start taking you to task for things they've imagined into your story themselves, now that's really cranky-making.

Thanks for this comment!—Margo.

09 November, 2008 21:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great picture

15 November, 2008 10:29  

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