09 November, 2008

Viewpoint review of Tender Morsels

Anna Ryan-Punch, in the summer issue of Viewpoint: on books for young adults, says it's 'a complex, rewarding and disturbing novel'. She says:
Liga's abuse, rape and miscarriages are graphically rendered and make for difficult reading...There are violent deaths, and incredibly interesting blurred line human/animal sexual interactions that will unnerve some readers. There is also a great groundswell of tenderness that balances the darker aspects of the novel, and a complex morality that shows the 'real' world, despite its violence and unpredictability, to also be vibrant, truthful and loving.
It's a Draftbusters weekend—I've written 5 pages of seal-wives story, with more to come today. Everyone's stories (and travails getting them written) are fascinating.


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