06 December, 2008

The Horn Book adds its Fanfare...

...to the week-long blowing of trumpets that's been going on over here. Look, look! And then Neil says how nice it is to be keeping such company, and I think, 'I am such an ungracious cow. Have I ever mentioned a single other person on any of these Best Of lists?' But this, I suppose, is in keeping with the me-me-me focus of this blog, that I told Perry about.

Speaking of which ( :) ), this Fanfare means that, as Nancy-from-Knopf says, 'every journal that puts out a “best of the year” list has included Tender Morsels!!'—and yes, she did put two exclamation marks. That's just how exciting I am.

Plus, it's the weekend. My cup runneth over.


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