04 December, 2008

Just the Best (updated)

Tender Morsels has made the Best Books of the Year lists for both Booklist and Kirkus Reviews! Plus, it's going into reprint in the US, after just 6 weeks.

In other news, the novella that's due on Monday is nearing completion. That's good, isn't it.

In still other news, it's now official, although I've had to keep a lid on it for weeks and the money has arrived and been stashed in the shoebox under the bed: I will be able to afford 3 months' full-time writing next year by virtue of being the NSW Department of the Arts, Sport and Recreation's Writing Fellow—even though I am a girl, her-her.
“The Rees Government is committed to supporting our writers and encouraging the creative industries,” [Virginia] Judge said. “Margo Lanagan is a well-respected writer and deserving winner of this prestigious award, which will provide valuable support while she completes her novel.”
Well, begins her novel. :)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

That's bloody awesome news! A cashed-up Margo can only become a one-woman author juggernaut.

Well done you!

04 December, 2008 12:35  

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