11 January, 2009

Any Goosle-goss?

Why, yes, just a little. Charles Tan says of The Del Rey Book that: 'It's not lacking attention thanks to the controversy surrounding Margo Lanagan's "The Goosle" (i.e. every review after the controversy must tackle this story in one form or another)'. And mostly they do:

OF Blog calls it 'one of the best short stories I've read this year' as well as 'a powerful, emotional read'.

Count Gore puts it in his Tomb Top Ten and says it's 'a ferociously horrific continuation of a well-known fairy tale that, honestly, freaked me out'. Excellent.

And Abigail Nussbaum brings her usual intelligence to bear on it, calling it 'a punishing story, but also one of the most remarkable I've read this year':
[I]t should be clear to anyone who reads it that her goal, at which she was entirely successful, was to depict not only the physical but emotional toll of such abuse, which grinds down its victim's soul to the point where they depend on their abuser for their sense of self.
And Ellen—has she no shame? :) —pimps it for a Hugo, along with every other excellent thing she's done this year. Go and vote, people. Show those Nebs voters how to do it.


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