09 January, 2009

Okay, this is stoopid enough to get me blogging again.

From a review of Eclipse Two, over at Discover:
I puzzled over the selection of some stories (in particular, Margo Lanagan’s Night of the Firstlings seemed to be neither science fiction nor fantasy, but just a retelling, albeit a well-crafted one, of a bible story)...
Of course, the Angel of fricking Death isn't a fantasy element, oh no. That's gritty realism all the way, that is.


Also, 'just' a retelling? I don't know where this person's head is.


Blogger Jonathan Strahan said...

Umm. Well. Yeah... Interesting review.

09 January, 2009 07:41  
Blogger Richard Parks said...

Some people still haven't parsed the idea of the Bible as epic myth yet. You'd think after James Morrow that would have clicked.

10 January, 2009 07:11  
Blogger Susan Moorhead said...

Here's something to cheer you - just came across a mention of Tender Morsels on the blog Sarah Miller: Reading http://sarahmillerbooks.blogspot.com/
where she states TM was her "most enjoyable reading experience of the year" in her literary round-up.

10 January, 2009 16:33  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Jonathan: Well, not very, actually. But no publicity is bad publicity.

Richard: After James Morrow? After reading the Bible itself, would be enough, once you'd had a bit of a look around at the world.

Susan: I know, it's a heartwarming review for an author. Plus, there are nice new ones up at the Amazon site that make me feel pretty good.

11 January, 2009 14:34  

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