15 April, 2009


And Tender Morsels emerges the winner after Round 1!

Meg Rosoff, the judge, 'was shocked, transfixed, amazed'. She thought TM was 'utterly astonishing – beautifully written, brave, uncompromising, highly uncomfortable – but astonishing' and that her 'fifteen year old self would have killed for a book like this'.

Which is pretty much the best I could hope for. Very happy. Don't mind what happens now. (But I will be watching Round 2 next week - which orange will they put me up against then?)

(Cute pic filched from the SLJ blog.)


Blogger Ana S. said...

Congratulations! I loved what Meg Rosoff said about the book. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you for the next round.

15 April, 2009 07:04  
Anonymous Vasilly said...

I just saw the results on School Library Journal. I can't wait to read it. Because of Nymeth's great review a couple of months ago, right afterwards I went out and bought Tender Morsels.

15 April, 2009 08:07  
Blogger Misrule said...

Have you seen this, Margo?


15 April, 2009 10:52  
Anonymous Jason Fischer said...

WOOHOO! Great news :-)

love that little book-man, hee hee!

You are a rock-star,


15 April, 2009 11:01  

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