17 September, 2009

The days are just packed!

Mainly they're packed with Literature Board work, but today that should ease up in time for the Vogel Awards Cocktail Party. We'll be toasting the finalists, who are:
  • Courtney Collins, for The Burial
  • Lisa Lang, for Utopian Man
  • Nathan Markham, for The Book of Lilith
  • Jeremy Ohlback, for Squire Nation, and
  • Kristel Thornell, for Night Street,
then celebrating the winner among them.

I've been reading and thinking in preparation to teach at the Seed retreat at Olvar Wood in Queensland next week. It'll be workshopping in the morning, writing in the afternoon - and/or cycling and bushwalking. It'll be interesting to see a tree or two again. Heck, it'll be interesting to write again!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Haha, busy days. There always seem to be too many of them, in my opinion.

21 September, 2009 05:32  

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