19 September, 2009

'My bad luck is legendary.'

Bob Hewlett, 'the unluckiest miner in Lightning Ridge', in today's Good Weekend:
I've been imagining opal ever since I first came here. It's a bastard of a thing, opal. It just gets you in. Each time you go to leave, you suddenly find a bit. Most opal exists in your own head. There's always been more opal in people's heads than in their mines.


Blogger Unknown said...

Hi :)
That's rather profound.
Thank you for sharing.
All the best,

20 September, 2009 14:42  
Blogger Unknown said...

That is very interesting. Opal in peoples minds in stead of thier minds that is a very cool analogy. And saying that everytime you time you try to be modest and humble you find another reason to be cocky. that is very true this was a cool post to read.


22 September, 2009 01:30  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what is opal?

22 September, 2009 03:02  
Blogger Unknown said...

This is very interesting.
I Did Not Know This!
I Learned Something Today.... Thanks

22 September, 2009 03:38  
Blogger Unknown said...

all this is very interesting i. it sounds like you have a very busy, but inter interesting life style. i was wondering how well known are you and your books and in Australia. i wanted to know because your writing is very unique in it's own way.

22 September, 2009 07:02  
Blogger Unknown said...

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22 September, 2009 09:15  
Blogger Unknown said...

Weird stuff on the opal and how it clouds your mind. I liked it. Our class read your short story Singing My Sister Down. Nice story

22 September, 2009 09:17  
Blogger Unknown said...

I agree with Young, that is an interesting analogy, although i beleive that Opal more represents what a person may want but cannot have. Everytime a person tries to abandon their search for the one thing they can never have, they get a taste of it and crave more. But most of the time, the opal is not actually what your looking for, and it is all what you THINK you want.
There's always been more opal in people's heads than in their mines.

22 September, 2009 10:16  
Blogger Unknown said...

Wow I really enjoyed reading this post. This analogy really made me think. I agree with Kirstie and Young, in that people's paths always change. My favorite line was "There's always been more opal in people's heads than in their mines." I think that this is very true.

22 September, 2009 10:47  
Blogger Justin said...

Thats very fascinating about what you said about the opal, and while I don't truly understand it, I beleive that the way you write is able to explain almost anything while always having that essence of confusion. My class has been reading alot of short stories, and one of yours came up that truly fascinated me, and that was Singing My Sister Down. So if you have the time I was wondering if you could look at my blog here: http://fablogs.org/jsfa13/2009/09/17/singing-my-sister-down/ or comment on my posts and maybe even explain what you say about the opal, and if you would I would be very thankful and appreciative of your time.

22 September, 2009 11:09  
Anonymous Michael said...

This post is very strange, but creative and interesting. I liked your analogy about how there is more opal and people’s heads than in mines, but I don't see what you mean when you said it gets in you.

22 September, 2009 22:30  
Blogger Unknown said...

Nice story, i like how the opal mining is symbolized more like an addiction or a disease than a profession. Which probably happens to miners of such gemstones, considering that they are always searching for the "big one".

22 September, 2009 23:09  
Anonymous adam said...

Your blog was cool and I learned a lot from it thanks

23 September, 2009 01:51  
Blogger kringhoffer said...

Hm, interesting. I've never thought of the opal in that light, it opens up a whole new subject of thoughts.

23 September, 2009 02:36  
Anonymous akhwaja said...

an opal......... confusing.......... but still kinda cool i learned something today and its interesting how and opal exsits in my head. interesting, very intereting.

23 September, 2009 22:17  

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