04 September, 2009

'This is a book to savour and be repelled by.'

I quite like that, as an assessment of Tender Morsels. Tracy takes a while to decide, but ends up recommending it.


Blogger Tracy said...

Hi Margo,
I certainly would recommend your book but I haven't read a novel that has left me so confused as to my feelings about it. But I rather like that.
Tender Morsels certainly gives food for thought.

04 September, 2009 18:37  
Blogger Tracy said...

I was wondering if perhaps you would be interested in being interviewed for my blog? I'd love to discuss Tender Morsels.

04 September, 2009 18:49  
Anonymous Marie said...

Hi Margo
Just finished your book around 1am this morning. Absolutely brilliant. I stared at the last page in disbelief. This truly was the end of a fantastic journey. Thank you.


09 September, 2009 10:11  

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