14 October, 2009


I've just seen the draft cover of the Vintage paperback edition of Tender Morsels. It's basically the same design as the Cape hardback (silhouetted bear flanked by girls, crows scattered about, etc.) but in a different colour scheme. Below the title are splashed the words 'A WORK OF GENIUS'—Sunday Telegraph.


Blogger Jole said...

they got that right!

14 October, 2009 15:49  
Blogger JunkJeweller said...

Excellent! (For anyone else, it would be a truly daunting benchmark for all subsequent prose!)

Thought of you when I read this... it is almost too true to be funny...


15 October, 2009 05:50  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Thanks, Jole - as long as I don't start believing it myself, I'll be all right!

Hi Jane - that article is terrifying, and hilarious! The best part is her introducing herself as 'the intern brought in to replace the promotion department'; the cloud of new netspeak is funny, too.

15 October, 2009 07:15  
Blogger Shannon said...

Ms. Lanagan,

I just finished reading Tender Morsels this morning. It truly is a wonderful, deep, beautiful, heartbreaking and sustaining book. I look forward to re-reading it for years to come. It really makes me wonder what the criteria is that makes a novel "young adult", because I am almost 40 and this book spoke to me exactly as I am at the moment...Thank you so much for it.

17 October, 2009 23:43  

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