28 May, 2010

Picture This 2

Today I got my copy of Picture This 2 from Pearson Education, to which I contributed a story, along with every children's and YA writer in the known universe, it seems (well, the Australian bit of the KU, anyway). We each had a picture to start from, and we had to write a story sparked by the picture, and then a short piece for teachers/students about how we got from picture to story, which was published in a separate resources book.

Picture This is put out for educational purposes, but the stories don't read like that, the ones I've read so far. Two of my travelling companions from the Melbourne Writers Festival road trip last year, David Metzenthen and Michael Hyde, have excellent stories in there, for instance, with not a whiff of pedagogy about them.

My story, 'The Golden Shroud', is a Rapunzel retelling. If you're not likely to get your hands on the book (i.e. you don't work in Australian schools), you can wait just a little while and the shroud-story will come out in my upcoming collection, Yellowcake.


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