26 July, 2010

Chugging on.

The short (1000-3000 word) piece that's due on Friday is rough-drafted and I'm looking at it sidelong, thinking it needs to shape up a bit.

I started the final short story that's to go into Yellowcake, the collection that's coming out next March from A&U, and who-knows-when from the US and UK; those contracts and schedules aren't quite sorted yet. Anyway, this story is supposed to help lighten up the collection a little, so I have to mix in a lot of milk-of-human-kindness, humour and affection. You have no idea how hard I'm finding this. Anyway, 8 pages written. That's a good start. So far, no one has been disembowelled. Or sexually assaulted. Sigh.


Anonymous Jason Fischer said...

No eviscerations yet? FOR SHAME.


26 July, 2010 12:59  

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