03 July, 2010

July already

I see that I was not very prolific blog-entry-wise during June. Apologies. I was run off my feet.

I went to my grant assessment meeting, and then I read more applications for another, bigger assessment meeting. That one's done now, so I'm only doing 2 jobs (tech- and story-writing) from now until near the end of July, when the next, huge, batch of applications, and the Vogel longlist, will hit and make things impossible again.

I finally got so bogged down in that short story I told you about that I sent what I'd done to the anthology editor, asking for help. She very generously did a bit of chop-and-changing herself, and a lot of annotating, and when she sent it back I ploughed on, and I've just now, within the last 3 minutes, sent what I think is the final draft off to her.

All this pushing-of-rocks-uphill has put me behind with my story-generating agenda. I've asked for an extension on the next story, and now I have until next weekend to get that one in. Unfortunately it shows signs of being difficult too, throwing out little senseless arms of itself in all directions, refusing to tell me its secrets.

Perhaps it'll look better at the crack of dawn tomorrow. I'll have another go at it then.


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