29 July, 2010

Singing My Sister Down poster

Just realised the email announcing the play had a poster attached!
(Designed by Lucy Tann.)


Anonymous miffa14 said...

I am really excited for this play! I read this short story before and I can't wait to see how the play unfolds. My English class has put a lot of thought into your short story "Singing My Sister Down," and we were wondering if you would look at our blog site? Good luck with the play and the URL to the blog site is: www.fablogs.org/genres

16 September, 2010 09:42  
Anonymous wdfa14 said...

This play sounds like it would be a great one! I am also a part of mif's English class and I really enjoyed the story and how it made us think. It would be really great if you would look at our class' blog.

16 September, 2010 09:52  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just read this story and it was FANTASTIC!!! I loved the mysterious feel it had. It was a good read not only for entertainment, but it also gave me something to think about. Great story!!

16 September, 2010 10:02  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ms. Lanagan,
Our ninth grade English class at Fredericksburg Academy is studying short stories. We just read Sing My Sister Down. In class, we were discussing time periods and where it may have taken place. Could you please share with us some of the background of this story; the time period, the culture, and why it was written? Thank you!


16 September, 2010 10:10  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ms. Lanagan,
My freshman class is studying short stories and we read Singing My Sister Down. We were also discussing the time placement of this book-there were many opinions. I was wondering if you could shed some light on this subject as well as a few others for me. What gave you the idea or what was the inspiration, behind writing this story? I noticed while it was written in first-person, the boy who's telling the story goes unnamed. I was wondering if there was a particular name you had in mind for this character or if you wanted to leave that up to the reader on purpose? I thought this story was interesting and mostly liked it because of its originality.I think it would have been cool to have started reading farther back (into a whole book). But regardless, I enjoyed the read to some extent and I'd be curious to see what the play is like.
It would be awesome if you could please respond to my blog; its link is listed down below.


You're a good author,and I will definitely look into reading more of your writing.Thank you.


16 September, 2010 11:43  
Anonymous kgfa14 said...

Our ninth grade English class just just finished reading your short story Singing my Sister Down, I personally thought it was amazing. I loved everything about it also i enjoyed how you keep the reader into by giving little hints throughout the story to what Ikky did exactly. I really would have liked this short story to be made into a book because i wanted to know the before and after of this story like what drove Ikky to kill her husband? This is a wonderful story that had me enthralled in it until the last word.
This Is a Link to my blog

16 September, 2010 11:58  
Anonymous ehfa14 said...

Your story was so different from anything I've read, but I'm not saying that in the tactful, "I really just disliked it" way. I'm sure the play will be very moving too! If you would like, you can read our class' blogs: www.fablogs.org/genres

Thanks for giving us an entrancing story to really think on! This was a satisfying story- not bland, which I'm sure my whole class is grateful for! :)

16 September, 2010 12:16  
Blogger Allegra said...

Ms. Lanagan,
In my 9th grade English class we read Singing My Sister Down for one of our short stories. I really enjoyed it because of how much was not shared with the reader. I loved that the reader never really knew what made Ikky do what she did. I was wondering if you ever decided what caused Ikky to do what she did, or if you never decided what had happened. When a story has no conclusion or starts in the middle would the author of the story know what happened and just not publish it, or do they not know anymore then what the reader know? I found this story to be very capturing and exciting to read. Thank you!(:



16 September, 2010 12:26  
Anonymous dsfa14 said...

Ms. Lanagan,
My 9th grade english class just finished reading your story "Singing My Sister Down" and I loved it! It was very different from any other story I've ever read. I like the way there are some facts left to our imaginations, because it gives the story a sense of mystery and really makes the reader think. With every word I read I got more and more enthralled in the story, and just wanted to keep reading. I found this to be a very exciting and interesting short story. Thank you!


16 September, 2010 22:45  
Anonymous Cameron Parrish said...

I just read the short story Singing My Sister Down adn thought it was amazing. Well acually I had to read it twice because i missed a few things and it was just so awesome. :) Being able to see this story as a play would be amazing.

13 September, 2011 06:32  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Hi Cameron, Thanks for your comment! It was an astounding thing, seeing something that I'd dreamed up being realised on stage. I'm very glad you liked the story. Best wishes, Margo.

13 September, 2011 07:50  

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