26 July, 2010

Singing My Sister Down, a production of the Sydney University Dramatic Society

SUDS presents a dramatic adaptation from Sydney writer Margo Lanagan's award-winning book of short stories for young adults, Black Juice.

Wed–Sat, 11th–21st August, 8pm.
Cellar Theatre, under the Holme Building, Science Road, Sydney University.
Admission: $2/3/4/5.

'In the winter you come to the pit to warm your feet in the tar. You stand long enough to sink as far as your ankles—the littler you are, the longer you can stand...but in summer, like this day, you keep away from the tar, because it makes the air hotter and you mind about the stink.'

Ik's got to go down, and everybody's got to see her go. The family party in the tar, feasting and singing despite the shame. But as the sun goes down and the young girl disappears in front of us, we observe an unnaturally slow execution, and watch a family lose someone before they are gone.

Adapted and directed by Eleni Schumacher and Stephen Sharpe, and the company. Produced by Ellana Costa. Poster design by Lucy Tann.

How will they recreate a tarpit in the cellar of the Holme Building? What will 'Walking the Tracks with Beejay Singh' sound like? Will everyone get a little bit of crab-claw meat? Come along and see! (And bring along a hankie; there's a strong possibility it'll be a weepie.)


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I rate this story among the best.So I'd like to see what the theatre company can do with it.
Too bad Mackay's too far away!

26 July, 2010 16:42  
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12 August, 2010 16:12  
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12 August, 2010 20:01  

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