23 April, 2011

April is the coolest month!

Actually, April's kind of a slog, I have to say. Brilliant autumn days that I mostly can't go out in, except to the dayjob.

Here I am on the third day of my Easter-weekend all-but-final-assault on the novel revisions. Have had one ordinary day, one good day and one very faffy morning. You, dear blog readers, are being faffed at right now. I am boring (yes, that's the operative word) through to the end-of-April deadline, and I think I will make it. I can't imagine what that will feel like; pretty much like not-having-an-albatross-around-my-neck, I expect.

Pre-deadline upcoming wonderfulness includes the Vogel party. We are awarding the 30th Australian/Vogel's literary award to a writer whose name will only be revealed on Wednesday night, but the book will be available right away, having been through the editorial/publication process since we decided on our winner last August. This is going to be a Big Bash, with Fancy Guests from all over to celebrate 30 years of Vogelicious literature.

Post-deadline wonderfulness of course is all about flying away, away, with an absolutely jampacked-with-work three weeks in between the two trips.

So I promise to get interesting soon. But for the moment it's all just scribble-scribble-scribble, sit and think, then scribble some more.

So why don't you go and look at this wiggly dancing by Lil Buck and Yo Yo Ma (via @Gwenda)?

UPDATE: The Australian/Vogel shortlistees are published in the Australian today. They are: Jade Maitre, for A Short Death, Rohan Wilson, for The Roving Party, and Romy Ash for Floundering. *zips lips, waits for Wednesday*


Anonymous Anonymous said...

A quirky post, I'd say. I shall scribble out the word 'boring' for you.

Keep going, Margo! Sit by the window to enjoy those autumn colours. We belieeeve in you.

23 April, 2011 08:04  
Blogger raych said...

God, your seasons are weird. *stares out the window into the middle of spring*

Bore away. We will wait.

23 April, 2011 08:28  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Thanks, Suzukiwillow and Raych—I will soldier on. (Also, no, it's YOUR seasons that are weird, Raych. :) )

23 April, 2011 08:46  
Blogger Thoughts of Grace said...

I don't mind the scribbles too much. I'm glad you'll make it to the deadline and I gotta say there isn't a lot of brilliant autumn days here. The sky is cloudy, its cold and its not even raining.
Keep faffing if you want, I'll still read it :)

23 April, 2011 13:16  

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