12 May, 2011

Auckland Writers and Readers Festival, Margo's Day 1

First session in Auckland today: "Margo talks about the exhilarating ride that is short story writing, and how it's different from the long but glorious [well...] slog involved in completing a novel. She invites you into some of the weird, wonderful and sometimes slightly icky worlds she's created, and lets you in on a few secrets of writing, and of living the writer's life." For Years 10–13 (ages 14–17).

Then the big Marae Visit/Powhiri this afternoon, the gala storytelling evening, and the Festival Opening Party. Exhausting, darlings! :D


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I find that New Zealand is universally lovely, except for their café cakes. Mind, you, I haven't been to ALL of NZ's cafés. Just thought this might be worth mentioning.

19 May, 2011 22:21  

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