02 May, 2011

Final assault in progress

Please, God, let it be final.


Blogger Astrid said...

Good luck!

02 May, 2011 17:51  
Blogger happily ever after said...

Dear Margo Lanagan,

My apologies for contacting via your blog, I googled but couldn't locate your email address.

We're in the process of putting together an exhibition of artists' books with a fairy tale theme in Newcastle (Aus) and were wondering if you may be interested in presenting a workshop as part of the opening event. I'm afraid this is an artist run event, so our budget is non-existent, but we'd love for you to be part of the exhibition.

My email address is Helen.Hopcroft at newcastle.edu.au or I can be contacted on 0408 637 404. The exhibition blog address is:


Kind regards,

09 May, 2011 17:02  

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