17 February, 2012

Everyone came to the Sydney Sea Hearts launch!

Neighbours, friends, workmates, fellow writers, sons and tweeps showed up for the Sydney launch of Sea Hearts at Kinokuniya last night. They're shown at left, listening intently to my reading.

Melina Marchetta did the honours, flattering me mightily and then drawing me out on all matters selkie-related, with a bit of process-porn thrown in. Then we broke a bottle of champagne against the bow of the good ship Sea Hearts and drank to her long and glorious voyaging.

It was a grand night. Big thanks to the Alien Onions for the flowers, and to Allen & Unwin, and Allyx and her Kino crew, for all the organisation, including the equipment for the continuous selkie-scrapbook slideshow.


Blogger Ruth said...

It was a fine launch. John said your reading "transported" him - that's pretty good to transport a scientist! Must be a magical book. Looking forward to reading it!

17 February, 2012 12:04  
Blogger Sean Wright said...


17 February, 2012 20:44  
Blogger Judy said...

Great launch and I just adored your reading

20 February, 2012 20:58  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

Ruth: My work here is done. :)

06 March, 2012 19:08  

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