28 July, 2012

Greylands - the Great eBook Debate

Everybody, while you can, you should visit @FIRECATz's soon-to-self-destruct Greylands ebook website, and take part in its e-book debate. I put up a post there, and lots of people commented at length—join the discussion while it lasts!

01 July, 2012

Fiji workshop - Truly, Madly, Deeply

Here it is, July, and July–August is the week of the writing workshop I'll be running at Daku Resort in Savusavu, Fiji. It's a small group so far, so you're guaranteed of a great deal of personal attention, but it would be terrific if I could interest a few more people in coming. Here is a thumbnail sketch of what we'll be covering:
During this course Margo will be encouraging you to write truly, madly and deeply.

Truth: getting authenticity and authority into your fictional settings and characters; finding ‘the telling detail’ in a scene or character; writing convincing dialogue; making action feel real

Madness: freeing yourself to take leaps in the dark; getting out of your own way; refreshing your writing; disciplining your inner editor; filling the well; experimenting with strangeness

Depth: writing the story that only you can write; confronting your fears; writing from your depths—but keeping yourself safe/sane

This will be an intense retreat—but in a good way. Come along and refresh your writing, try new techniques and reconnect with your own personal sources of story.
The workshop sessions will happen in the mornings. The afternoons will be free; then we'll meet again in the evenings before dinner to read from works in progress or from our workshop writing, and get feedback from the group.

You can find more details and make a booking here.

If you know anyone who'd like to warm up in Fiji for a week (or cool down, if they're coming from the States) and combine it with some intensive writing and thinking-about-writing, please pass the link on.