19 December, 2012

Two very different interviews

This is how I look when
people take liberties.
I respond to Daniel Kraus's impudent pokings and proddings in this Hostile Questions interview.


I tell Kirkus Reviews how I did it (took over the world, that is) over here.

Book Event Recap: Seattle Public Library appearance

The readventurer gives a very thorough rundown of my appearance at Seattle Public Library (Northeast Branch) last month, including some video.

Verdict: I need to read more slowly and more clearly.

New story in Meanjin

(pic snrched from
It's a retelling of Red Riding Hood, called 'Titty Anne and the Very, Very Hairy Man', and you can read all of it here.

02 December, 2012

Clarion West 2013 line-up

Wow. Apply now.