25 January, 2013

Here's the US cover of my 4th collection YELLOWCAKE.  I like! (Due out in May.)

Booklist says: "Lanagan’s latest collection is as lovely, enigmatic, and eye-opening as you’d expect, with each story dropping readers into deep waters from which they must paddle and orient themselves. ... [S]ome will balk at the heavy lifting required to make sense of some of it. For those who love paying close attention, of course, this pays off handsomely."

VOYA says: "After two phenomenally impressive novels, Lanagan returns with another exquisite entry in her series of color-coordinated short story collections...As always, Lanagan’s prose is challenging and rewarding in equal measure, creating resonances that most writers can only dream of; and her characters and situations seethe with emotional power. Every story repays close and careful reading and rereading."

*author beams*


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