14 February, 2013

Are you sitting comfortably? Not for long, bwaha!

Because "The Goosle", my Ditmar-winning Hansel and Gretel rewrite-and-extension is uploaded and prowling the internet.

Nightmare Magazine is featuring it in its e-book version, but has also put the story up online, with an accompanying Author Spotlight! *is dazzled*

And in case you missed the kerfuffle when it first came out in Ellen Datlow's The Del Rey Book of Science Fiction and Fantasy, here is Dave Truesdale's rant against the story:
"Del Rey ought to get a long, loud, wakeup call... and quick. If the author, editor, and publisher can nuance this story, massage it, spin it to where the objectionable inclusion of child rape for shock value alone is acceptable, then there are absolutely no boundaries, for any reason, anywhere -- and we can expect more of the same. This sets a precedent, if not challenged."
And here he hoists himself with his own petard.

Okay, that's enough character assassination; I must be off and bring down some more of Western civilisation.