27 September, 2014

Conflux 10 appearances

I appear to be taking a year off from this blog. Which is long enough to have to re-learn how to get into it. Way to complicate things, Google and Blogger.
     Anyway, I'm breaking radio silence to bring you my schedule for next weekend's appearances at Conflux 10 in Canberra, where I am really pleased to be Guest of Honour, alongside Alisa Krasnostein.
     Here's what I'll be doing on the formal program, mostly in Forrest Room 2:
  • Friday 3 October, 6:45pm, Conflux Registration area Launch of Jack Dann's new e-collection Jubilee—17 dazzling stories!
  • 10am Saturday, Forrest Room 2 GUEST OF HONOUR INTERVIEW Nicole Murphy will be interviewing me. Warning: There may be juvenilia.
  • 1pm Saturday, Forrest Room 2 FANTASY JOURNEYS This panel explores fantasy tropes about heroes and their journeys, discussing how hero quests can be both journeys of discovery and self-discovery. My fellow panelists are Satima Flavell, Tracy M. Joyce, Russell Kirkpatrick and Karen Simpson Nikakis.
  • 3pm Saturday, Forrest Room 2 WRITING BOOKS THAT KIDS AND YOUNG ADULTS ENJOY With Isobelle Carmody, Ingrid Jonach and possibly Janeen Webb, I'll discuss how to write books that appeal to young people. Donna Maree Hanson will chair.
  • 4pm, Saturday, Forrest Room 2 GRIEF, LOSS AND TRAUMA This one's all about narratives that include traumatic and distressing events. Maureen Flynn, Richard Harland, Kaaron Warren and I will share strategies for creating inspiring narrative that honours the character’s emotional developments.
  • 5.30, Saturday, Forrest Room 2 Launch of Alan Baxter's novel Bound, the first in the Alex Caine trilogy. Come for the bubbles, stay for the kettle scenes!
  • 11.30am Monday, Forrest Room 3 EMOTIONAL DEPTH Expressing real emotion in stories that evokes a response by the reader. Richard Harland, Rob Hood and I will discuss techniques, strategies and examples of emotionally-deep expression.

But I'll be around for the whole weekend, so if you see me, come and say hello.