09 September, 2005


Angela Namoi of Allen & Unwin just sent me the Orion Publishing Group's Subscription Catalogue for February 2006. I have a spread to myself headed: Angela Carter, Neil Gaiman, Susanna Clarke and now... Margo Lanagan Phoargh! The selling points go like this:

'The UK debut of one of the most exciting new writers of literary fantasy

'All lovers of literary fantasy will adore this

'A uniquely talented writer with a word-of-mouth momentum already building

'Winner of three major literary awards in Australia

'Major PR campaign including review coverage int he literary pages of the national press, and blanket review coverage in the genre press' [Those better not be wet blankets, people.]

It also has the Simon Spanton quote (omitting the 'However few copies this book sells' bit, which I think is a good idea), the 'genius (not too strong a word)' quote from Faren Miller, Garth Nix's cover quote, and a quote from 'Earthly Uses', the bit where Death comes and gathers up the grandmother. Plus cover pic and Margo-pic (snitched from the Locus cover, complete with extensive retouching (I really don't mind that I have a red nose and wrinkles, Charles) and elephant-hide in the background).

Hey, it's Friday - time for champagne, I think.


Blogger TansyRR said...

Go Margo! Enjoy the champagne, you deserve it.

11 September, 2005 12:08  

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