15 November, 2005

Gorgeous George

Fresh interview with George Saunders:
I’d like to write a novel, I suppose, but my approach so far is just to find something that interests me, and see how much weight it will bear. Generally, the answer is: Not much. The ideas that interest me are generally “fast-twitch” ideas — they are like those little wind-up toys, which, wound up, then quickly go right under the couch. That’s an aesthetic I understand.
(Via bookslut.)

Currently I'm sipping CivilWarLand in Bad Decline to make it last. Then I will pause. Then I will slowly sip Pastoralia.

Other reading:
Harriet Lerner, Fear and Other Uninvited Guests, very useful for someone in a blind panic about novels
Tim Moore, French Revolutions
Oakley (ed.), On the Edge


Blogger Jonathan said...

Did you read his story "CommComm" from The New Yorker this year? It's pretty cool, and still online.

16 November, 2005 10:54  

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