13 July, 2006

NSW Writer's Centre 'Writing for Children and Young Adults' Day

Going by the pictures on the program, you'd think children's and YA writing was all done by women - Greg Bastian's is the sole male face there, although there are a few other blokes on the panels.

The Day happens Saturday week (22 July), and I will be there, on a panel with Sue Murray, Ian Irvine and Sophie Masson: 'Sex, Language and "Issues" in Books for Young Adults'. Personally, I don't think there's much of a problem putting anything in a book; books are so easily controllable by adults, and so easily put-downable by young people. It's the sex, language and 'issues' in movies, on TV and in real life that require coping mechanisms, or intervention by guardians. I'm hoping Sue, Ian and Sophie will disagree strenuously with me on this so we can have a real knock-down, drag-out fight that will live on as a high point in the history of NSW Writers' Centre festival days.

There will also be panels on do's and don'ts; series fiction; historical fiction; award-winning books; writing careers; picture books, their creation and marketing.

And three books will be launched: Jim Roy's The S Word (psst! it's s-e-x), Kathy Helidoniotis' Totally Horse Mad and Jeni Mawter's Unleashed!

It'll all be good fun, and it's dead cheap: $15 for Centre members, $20 for blow-ins. Go here to book your ticket.


Blogger Misrule said...

Hi Margo,

You might want to check out the comments on my recent blog entry about censorship: I have been sick (and in Melbourne) and so haven't yet sat down to respond to any of them, but they've been chattering away in my absence...

21 July, 2006 16:37  

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