04 February, 2007

Proof that we were there

Here we all are, in the Kolkata papers. However, I'm pretty sure I didn't say any of the things that have been attributed to me. In particular, I can say without doubt that I've never met or had any opinion about the last Nizam of Hyderabad. Although I would like to read John's book about him. :)

Now I'm back in Brisbane, where the air is just as warm as in Kolkata, but not anything like as whiffy, and the roads belong to all these swish shiny cars that stay in their lanes - not a cow or a dusty bicycle or a trishaw to be seen. It is so quiet - not a car-horn to be heard! - and I have views of gumtrees, and more space, fresh air and natural light than I know what to do with.

I've read the stories for Monday's workshop, and now it's time to shower, shop and do some background reading.


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