28 June, 2007

A new toy

As a kind of work-avoidance-without-work-avoiding, I've put my novel, Tender Morsels Bwa-Ha-Ha (with apologies to Roddy Doyle) into Scrivener, which means that I can set it up to find things in it easily, like all the scenes where that bloody dwarf is (trying to push myself out of the G rating here), and I can admire each chapter's apparent sortedness like this, instead of in scrawled over lists with ticks next to everything:

This is the tenth chapter; purty, no? Each coloured pin represents a different point of view. Head-hopping? Never!


Blogger lili said...

Oh, isn't Scrivener wonderful?! I'm writing my current novel on it, and I just heart it so much.

I love the Full Screen mode.

Oh, and the Project Targets window. That's really cool.

28 June, 2007 16:28  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

I haven't explored it as far as Project Targets yet - because I've already exceeded my targets on this book.

Did you have the crashing problem in the demo version? Do you have it on the real thing?

28 June, 2007 17:21  
Blogger lili said...

i have never had it crash, sorry.

(actually, i'm not sorry at all that it's never crashed. i'm sorry that yours is.)

you don't get a different one when you buy it - you just get a key to let it know that you own it. so if it's a problem in demo it's likely to be a problem full stop. have a look at their support page and see if anyone else has the problem.

28 June, 2007 18:00  
Blogger Among Amid While said...

No one else is complaining of it. I've emailed them, but in the meantime the crashing is getting less frequent. Maybe it's a kind of mutual testing!

I'll give it another couple of days. I'm loath to let go of it now that I've transferred the novel into it and seen what it can do. This will save me quite a bit of paper and confusion!

28 June, 2007 18:25  

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