02 August, 2007

'Winkie' might get an INKY!

I'm reposting this with official permission of Lili:

Allen & Unwin (thanks, Lisa!) tell me that Red Spikes has been longlisted for the inaugural INKY AWARDS—Australia's first Young Adult Choice Award (an initiative from Inside a Dog). Lili Wilkinson of the Centre sez:
The INKYS will be coordinated by the Centre for Youth Literature through insideadog.com.au. A longlist of 20 books will be selected by the Centre (10 Australian and 10 international), and a shortlist will be picked by a panel of young people, insideadog's Lili Wilkinson and Voiceworks editor Ryan Paine.

The shortlist (3 Australian books, 3 international) will then be published on insideadog, and young people will be invited to vote either on the site or by SMS.

The Australian winner will take home the Golden Inky (and a cash prize), and the International winner will take home the Silver Inky.


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